跑 碼 . 遨 遊 2020      



All participants MUST read the following terms and accept them upon registration



1. Participants must complete the marked course on foot under their own power. The event organization will not prepare any food for the participants. Participants must prepare all supplies for themselves.

2. Participants are required to be semi self-sufficient. You must have your mandatory equipment with you at all times during the EVENT.

3. Race numbers must be visible at all times on the outside of clothing (at the front).

4. If you withdraw from the event, you must inform event officials and sign the withdrawal form at the closest checkpoint (unless assisted from the course by first aid crews).

5. Stay on the marked course.  Short cuts are strictly prohibited.

6. If you miss any cut-off times you must withdraw from the race as instructed.

7. Littering is strictly prohibited.  

8. Damaging or disturbing any flora or fauna is strictly prohibited.

9. The participant is responsible for the actions of their support crew.  Support crews must comply with all instructions from event staff and officials.  The participant may be penalised or disqualified for actions or breaches of the rules by their support crew. 

10. Support crews must follow the instructions of all checkpoint staff including requests to vacate certain sections of the checkpoint area.  The event organisers are not responsible for the safety or whereabouts of support crew. 

11. Breaking any of the rules may incur a time penalty or disqualification.  Any such penalties are at the organisers’ discretion and are final.

12. Ensure your own safety and that of others.  Be considerate of other trail and road users at all times.  Take great care when crossing or running on roads.  If another runner is injured or in distress, please assist.  The race organiser will gladly deduct from your finishing time any time spent assisting an injured or distressed fellow participant.

13. Starun Athletic Club Limited has its own public liability insurance.  This does not include personal accident of participants.  We recommend that you have your own personal accident cover.

14. The organisers reserve the right to make changes to the event rules and requirements, route and/or other arrangements as they deem appropriate.

15. Participants must provide true and accurate information to the organisers.  Any wilful dishonesty may render a participant's entry invalid and the organisers reserve the right to amend and / or cancel such participant's entry without compensation.

16. No refund of the registration fee will be provided, Race bib is non transferrable. and we do not accept changing on the category or distances.

17. The organiser reserves the right to cancel or cut short the event for the following reasons:
- adverse weather conditions (such as amber/red/black rainstorm warning, No.3 or above tropical cyclone warning, thunderstorms warning)
- landslides, rockfalls or hill fires along the course
- protests or blockage along the course
In such event no refund of the registration fee will be provided.

18. Participants should ensure that their health conditions are suitable for the strenuous race. Runners are liable for their own safety or property loss.



The organisers reserve the right to cancel or cut short the event for the following reasons:

adverse weather conditions

landslides, rockfalls or hill fires along the course

protests or blockage along the course

force majeure i.e. due to occurrence of incidents that are beyond the control of the organiser and which renders it impossible, unsafe or impractical to hold the event.  A force majeure event shall include, but is not limited to, act of God, war, hostilities, invasion, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot, commotion, strikes, go-slows, lock outs or disorder, blocked or inaccessible roads or trails, outbreak of disease, acts or threats of terrorism.

In such event no refund of the registration fee will be provided.




 1. 參賽者必須自力走或跑畢全程。 由於是次活動資源極其有限,大會不會預備任何食品供應給參加者, 參加者必須自行預備所有補給物資.

2. 參賽者在物資方面除大會所供應的以外應大致自給自足,於比賽期間必須全時間攜帶所有大會所指定的必備物品。

3. 參賽編號必須置於賽衣前方,於任何時間均清晰可見。

4. 若參賽者退出比賽,均必須通知最近檢查站的負責人員及簽署退出表格(除非於比賽途中的醫療人員協助)。

5. 參賽者應緊隨標示賽道前進,嚴禁另走捷徑,參賽者若被發現違規,將被取消資格。

6. 參賽者必須於所有時間遵行檢查站負責人員及賽道糾察的方向指示。若參賽者於檢查站關閉時間前仍未到達,必須根據指示退出比賽。

7. 參賽者不得在沿途亂扔垃圾。

8. 參賽者不得破壞或騷擾任何植物或動物。


10. 支援人員必須遵守所有檢查站職員的指示,譬如按職員要求在檢查站區域騰出空間。主辦機構對支援人員的安全或行蹤概不負責。  

11. 違反以上規則者可能會招致額外計時或取消參賽資格等處分,是否處分、如何處分由主辦機構全權決定,不設上訴。  

12. 參賽者應為自己和他人的安全著想,無論任何時候應顧及路徑的其他使用者。橫過馬路或在馬路路段跑步時應格外小心。若遇其他參賽者受傷或不適,應加以援手。參賽者為協助受傷或不適的其他跑手而耽誤的時間,將在其完成時間中扣除。 

13. Starun Athletic Club Limited已購置公眾責任保險,但並不包括個人意外保險。主辦機構建議參賽者自行投購個人意外保險。

14. 主辦機構保留酌情修改比賽規則、路線及/或其他安排的權利。

15. 參加者必須提供真實、準確的資料于主辦機構。任何蓄意欺騙可能會導致參加者的登記無效。主辦方保留更改和/或取消該參加者的比賽資格,亦不會向參加者作任何賠償。

16. 一經報名付款, 報名費不作退款及不得轉讓,亦不接納任何更改比賽組別之申請。

17. 如遇上黃雨、紅雨、黑雨、三號風球、八球風球、雷暴、山泥傾瀉、山火、示威、封路或其他惡劣天氣下,大會會考慮參加者的安全因數,而決定是否取消比賽。若因惡劣天氣或賽道因數取消比賽,報名費用不予退還。

18. 參加者確認自己健康良好, 有能力參加此活動, 並明白這活動之體能要求的情況下報名, 如因本活動而導致死亡或受傷, 本人願意自行承擔一切意外風險及責任,並同意主辦機構無需負上任何責任及賠償。







不可抗力,即發生超出主辦單位所能控制的事件和令舉辦比賽成為不可能,不安全或不切實際的情況。 不可抗力事件包括但不限於天災、戰爭、敵對行為、侵略、叛亂、革命、起義、暴動、騷亂、罷工、怠工、禁工或動亂、堵塞或不能通過道路或山徑、疾病的爆發以及恐怖主義行為和威脅。